SVG has operations and services over a range of industries around the globe. Having a creative arts discipline at its core, subsidiaries include SAVAGEVISION Entertainment, Films, Pictures, Racing,

and Innovative Technologies. Progressive forward processing of social entertainment, film production, photography, publishing, automotive tuning design, marketing, sales and business development, consulting and management has positioned SVG as one of the leading strategist companies of today.


SAVAGEVISION Entertainment provides social and entertainment innovative strategies for the most meticulous clients. Beyond that are extraordinary views of the surrounding world from event and party spaces designed and curated which present moods of relaxation and serenity. Adult retreats have emphasis on privacy, elegance and are an opulent oasis dedicated to individuals whom are blissful.


SAVAGEVISION Films has experience in production and directing content in genres of film, television, advertising, and digital platforms. Original content is exhibited from concept to completion through project development, writing, and creative storytelling. Through ingenuity, business acumen and a savage vision, stimulating original stories are developed and untold narratives are presented to international audiences. Continuing growth within an array of industries, including media, sports, music, and events while reshaping current operational landscapes.


SAVAGEVISION Pictures capture urban metropolis presented with a street photography aesthetic. Vividly taken photos evoke the viewer’s sensory experience, while images enlighten and inspire from the essence of nostalgic moods around the globe.


SAVAGEVISION Racing operates as the automotive modification and tuning division. SVR specializes in kurosavage tuning elements, creating the distinct SVR style mainly for BMW E63 chassis. Individual design packages with special limited editions especially tailored to clients specifications. SVR uses the finest materials in line with client wishes no matter how small the detail.